DreamlandVisions.Com supports Gravatar icons for all posts and users.   It’s easy to set one up and most WordPress blogs out there support them.

Go to http://www.gravatar.com and set up an account.  Then you can associate an e-mail address with one of the photos you upload to Gravatar.  If you associate a photo with the same e-mail address you use on your posts here on Dreamland Visions, then that photo shows up on your posts.

For instance:

I have the address Scott@DreamlandVisions.Com associated with the following pic: Gravatar Icon

When I post here or elsewhere and use Scott@DreamlandVisions.Com as my e-mail address, that icon shows up on the site.

It’s that simple.  We even support R-Rated icons since this isn’t even remotely a work-safe blog anyway.

I am looking at other icon support in the future.

If you have any questions about icon support or anything else drop me a line.