A bit of Cosplay at DragonCon

DragonCon has been one of the nation’s largest SF/Fantasy fan oriented conventions for a while.  Rumored attendance numbers top fifty or sixty *thousand* people.   Even if you don’t attend the convention itself, just walking through Downtown Atlanta near the six hotels during Labor Day weekend is an adventure.

Wendi and I went downtown today to meet a friend in from Texas for lunch.  As usual, I had my camera with me and even just the couple of hours we were downtown gave me ample opportunity for a bit of photo fun.    Here’s are the best of the cosplay photos I took today.  A couple of them (Assassin’s Creed and Harley Quinn) were two lovely ladies in the table next to us at the restaurant.  The rest were hanging around or walking near one of the hotels.  Enjoy.

[gallery type=”rectangular” ids=”531,530,527,526,524″]

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