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A bit of Cosplay at DragonCon

DragonCon has been one of the nation’s largest SF/Fantasy fan oriented conventions for a while.  Rumored attendance numbers top fifty or sixty *thousand* people.   Even if you don’t attend the convention itself, just walking through Downtown Atlanta near the six hotels during Labor Day weekend is an adventure.

Wendi and I went downtown today to meet a friend in from Texas for lunch.  As usual, I had my camera with me and even just the couple of hours we were downtown gave me ample opportunity for a bit of photo fun.    Here’s are the best of the cosplay photos I took today.  A couple of them (Assassin’s Creed and Harley Quinn) were two lovely ladies in the table next to us at the restaurant.  The rest were hanging around or walking near one of the hotels.  Enjoy.

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A friend, Chris, from Texas

A close friend of Wendi and I came in from Texas for DragonCon this week.  We made the trip down by MARTA to brave the 60,000+ DragonCon geeks, plus the 10s of thousands of fans for some sports-ball thing, to have lunch.  It was worth it.


A stroll through an underground station.

I love the industrial feel of some of the underground MARTA stations in Atlanta.  Some of them have a very dystopian feel to them.  I took these today on my way back from having lunch with a friend during DragonCon.  There’s also an image of a great neon sign inside Durango’s steak house.

Dragon*Con 2011 Photos

What’s a photo blog report from Dragon*Con 2011 without a few photos.   I’m still working on the report, so while you wait, enjoy these:

You can jump straight to the full gallery here.


The Seven Deadly Sins never looked so good.

The Seven Deadly Sins never looked so good.

No idea who they're supposed to be, but I know they're cute as a button.

No idea who they're supposed to be, but I know they're cute as a button.

Even the Baron made the trek from New Orleans for DragonCon this year.

Even the Baron made the trek from New Orleans for DragonCon this year.


Beautiful in green.

Beautiful in green.


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Dragon*Con 2011

I’m at Dragon*Con this weekend.  Watch this space for some of the best (and possibly worst) costumes of the Con.

If you’re at the con, come looking for me somewhere around the Hyatt bar or (what left of ) the smoking deck just off the bar.  I’m the big bearded guy with a pipe, a bottle of rum and a camera.



A 2010 Restrospective in Photos

A quick look back at 2010, in photos. (included photos are safe, gallery linked is nsfw)

Valentines shoot for Jess.

Valentines shoot for Jess.

Josephine at Monsterbash 2010

The rest of the year after the jump

Dragoncon 2010

I spent a very nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon out on the smoking deck at the Hyatt.  As is normal for Dragoncon, you get a very interesting mix of people through there.   Where else can you be sitting with a best selling author, a freelancer covering the con for a major magazine, a table full of BOFHs (google it..) all dicussing the merits of and problems with a topic as deep as universal franchise vs. limited meritocritous franchise?

Don’t believe me?  Here are the pics to prove it.  Click on the Sith to get to the gallery.  Go on, you know you wanna join the dark side.. they have cookies.

Sith Cheerleader at Dragoncon 2010

Sith Cheerleader @ Dragoncon 2010