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We’re not dead yet!

It’s been a month since my last post here, but I have been anything but idle.  I’ve been looking for a replacement for my photo gallery software; Gallery2.   Mid last month the authors and maintainers for Gallery2 (and Gallery3) announced they were ceasing all future development.  You can read the details at the Gallery Project website.

I’ve been using Gallery2 for close to ten years.  Almost every photo linked in my blogs and in hundreds of other places I’ve linked to my work over the years point to the code-generated URLs served up by the Gallery2 software.

I’m on the lookout for a couple of things at this point.  First;  A way to export my images and the metadata, comments, organization, etc.. from Gallery2 to another gallery program, or just to a structured format that I can write an importer for when I do find a new gallery package.

Second; I need a replacement for Gallery2.  I’m not in immediate need, as even if the code is no longer being updated, unless there’s a major security flaw discovered, there’s no need to quit using it.  I can leave it in place, as it currently sits and start using it’s replacement in parallel.

If any of you out there know of a good replacement, with similar functionality, drop me a note.  I’m on the hunt myself, and so far, I’m coming to the conclusion I may have to roll my own.

I’ll post more later about the features that are required, nice to have, and irrelevant so that anyone who’s also looking for a new gallery package can throw their hats in the ring and help with the discussion and exploration.

And, since this IS a photography blog, here’s a picture of my cat.

My cat.  Not too bright.

My cat, Sparks. He’s not too bright.

Bye Bye Adsense

Well, looks like I’m just another victim of Nipplegate 2012. Got an e-mail from Google this afternoon that they have suspended my adsense account due to lewd and provocative content. The example page they linked to in order to show the kind of content they object to was this very old page (nsfw) buried deep in my site.

I’m not sure if it’s the cigar, the nipples, or the peek of labia, but other than the model being nude, there’s nothing lewd about this shot.

Here’s the list of unacceptable content from Google’s advertising arm:

As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or mature content. In addition to photos and videos which contain nudity or sexual activities, below are some other examples of unacceptable content:

  • Lewd or provocative images
  • Crude or indecent language, including adult stories
  • Sexual tips or advice * Sexual fetish sites (e.g. foot fetish content)
  • Adult toys or products * Ads or links to external sites containing adult content
  • Adult links and/or adult keywords within the meta data in the source code of your site

So, I ask you, what have you seen here on my site that meets those criteria? Even *linking* to, or *talking about* some topics gets you kicked off the largest online advertising system in the world.

So while I’m off to find a new advert company for my various photo and text blogs, I leave you with this oh so lewd, provocative and indecent image. Or at least that’s what Google thinks of it.

In search of… a book printer.

I am in need of a good, inexpensive custom photo book printer. I am working on a 75-125 page book for a photo essay. I want to do a very limited hardback print run, a more general softback print run, and of course, there will be an unlimited digital book run.

The digital book I have handled, but I’m looking for a printer for the hardback and softback versions.

I’ve looked at and their prices are great, and I can print in runs as small as 25 books. However, I have no idea what their quality is like.

I’ve looked at and a few others, and though I have an idea what their quality is like, their costs are 2 to 3 times what instantpublisher is charging.

So I ask you, the denizens of blog-space, what do you recommend? I know quite a few of you photographers have published books. Who did you use, and what was the experience like?


Project Update: Intimate Beauty

I just finished posting an update and a few sample pages for the Intimate Beauty project.   I am looking for models and essays for the book.  Pop over to the project page and read up, and look.  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in writing or posing for the project, drop me a note.   All my contact info is here.

More updates and details as they’re worked out.




New look, new content.

After way too many months and years putting it off, I have pulled the trigger on the migration from a very manual, hand built website to a new WordPress / Gallery2 based site.

Updates will be much more timely and frequent and over the next few weeks galleries of all of my shoots over the last 6 years will be going up.   There are already quite a few from 2009 and 2010 with a scattering of others.

All of the old content is still here and any deep links will still work.  I have created a gallery from the original site and will be moving those images into their respective shoots over time.

As I know you’re not here for the stories, here’s a link to some photos:

New location for my galleries

I am moving all of my photo galleries into the Gallery2 app.  This makes updating them much less of a manual process and opens up some other capabilities that I’ll be talking about once I have all the fiddly bits taken care of.

So, without further ado, here’s a link to the new location: Dreamland Gallery