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12-12-12 Gallery Show at Southern Mills.

My last photo gallery show of the year. This has been a quiet year for me with only 3 shows all year.

12 – 12 – 12 Art Show: The End of the World or a New Beginning.

This show will feature 12 artists hanging 12 pieces of art. There will be food, drink and entertainment. Come celebrate the beginning of a new end, or check out some art, chill and relax during this busy Christmas season. This will be the last time this year that three numbers will line up as well. Come be a part of it. $5.00 admission.

The show is general audiences, but some of the photographers showing are pretty far out on the edge and their work trends towards an intensity that might be inappropriate for young children. There might even be some tasteful nudity here and there on the wall as well.

Link to the Facebook event:


Southern Mills Art Gallery (map)
585 Wells Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

Group shoot at Southern Mills

A quickie for you until I get time to edit the rest of the shots from today’s group shoot at Southern Mills.   Enjoy.

Edited to add link to more shots: Gallery

Aria Fae and her beautifully vibrant ink.

Aria Fae and her beautifully vibrant ink.