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Young Woman, Young Beauty – Day 9

This set wraps up the boudoir shoot that Kerstin and I did a few weeks ago.   These images weren’t from any particular set, or plan. I just saw here sitting back relaxing while I was adjusting lights to prepare for the shots posted on Day 8.     I warn people that if you sit still long enough, I’ll shoot you and that’s just what I did here.   No posing, no planning, just her sitting back, relaxing and having fun in front of the camera.

These are decidedly NOT safe for work.   Nudity and implied nudity.   You’ve been warned.

More experiments in black and white.

As I occasionally do, I was diving through the deep archives this evening and came across a set of portraits I made of a close and dear friend, Courtney, back in 2008.  Using some of the new tools I have now, that didn’t exist then, I’ve reprocessed one of the shots I had passed over originally.    I present here both the color and black and white versions of that shot.   Which one, dear readers, do you like best and why?  Tell me in the comments.

Courtney headshot in color.

Courtney headshot in color.

Courtney in black and white.

Courtney in black and white.

A long awaited detail post. — Stark Elegance revisited

Back in 2011 I posted this shot of Jessica and a few people asked me to detail how I accomplished it and how much editing it took.  I realized that I never actually made that post.   So, here’s that post.

NSFW photos ahead. 

Nude on the stairs.

I grabbed a quick couple of shots of the always beautiful Evil Overqueen on the stairs this afternoon.   I’m still experimenting with black & white and the difference in texturing, composition and tone as opposed to color.    It’s a shame, really, because her skin tone is just fantastic.  I may post the color versions later.

Break for the boob averse. Beyond here lies nudity.