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A Fiery Heart. A Beautiful Woman.

The beautiful and vibrant Nikki standing before a fire-art display at a regional Burn.   Unlike most of the photos I post here, this one is a composite of two photos from two different Burns.  A lot of Photoshop and Lightroom work to get this one just right.

Behind the fold to protect the soft virginal eyeballs of HR drones everywhere.

Alchemy 2011

Another year, another Alchemy.   Once again I spent a wonderfully peaceful time at or near my camp.  What meanderings I did enjoy took me up to the effigy or down to Camp Science and Camp Sheherazade.

We’re still unpacking and recovering so all of my photos aren’t prepped yet.  Here are a few that stood out during my initial load and first pass.  Enjoy.

Full gallery from Alchemy 2011 is here.

Firebreather giving breath to a dragon shaped flame.

Giving breath to a dragon!


A pretty lady named Angel in a top hat.

Angel in a top hat and boots.


A pirate on stilts.

A pirate on stilts; your argument is invalid.


It's windy up on top of the Effigy.

It's windy up here!