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Not since the great Nipplegate of 2004…

(Warning to HR depts everywhere: The following article contains that most offensive of body parts; the Nipple.  Please tread carefully lest your heads explode on the walls and your lawyers salivate on their briefs.)

Not since the great Nipplegate of 2004 has there been such a high level of attention payed to such a small thing as the current furor over a Sears website advert for their lingerie.  Both Jezebel and Adrants are all over this story.

When I was a young lad of (mumble years, dodged dinos then, I did) I remember the Sears catalog.  Yes, boys and girls, the days of the print catalog.  Eventually my interests moved from the Lego and Tonka toys to perusing something a bit softer, with frills and sometimes even a hint of nipple or pubes.

Later, there was the Victoria’s Secret catalog and that holiest of holy books for a young teen, Fredericks of Hollywood.  Even today, I find lingerie and sensually designed photos to be more appealing than just plain nudity.   There’s a story, a sense of personality, a sensualness that’s missing in most Playboy style nude shots.

Enough reminiscing about the good old days.  Back to today’s world of the Internet.  It seems the AFA and other such organizations are all up in arms about nipples.  Again.    I swear those people were bottle babies.

Over at Sears, buried in their Exotic Lingerie section