Not since the great Nipplegate of 2004…

(Warning to HR depts everywhere: The following article contains that most offensive of body parts; the Nipple.  Please tread carefully lest your heads explode on the walls and your lawyers salivate on their briefs.)

Not since the great Nipplegate of 2004 has there been such a high level of attention payed to such a small thing as the current furor over a Sears website advert for their lingerie.  Both Jezebel and Adrants are all over this story.

When I was a young lad of (mumble years, dodged dinos then, I did) I remember the Sears catalog.  Yes, boys and girls, the days of the print catalog.  Eventually my interests moved from the Lego and Tonka toys to perusing something a bit softer, with frills and sometimes even a hint of nipple or pubes.

Later, there was the Victoria’s Secret catalog and that holiest of holy books for a young teen, Fredericks of Hollywood.  Even today, I find lingerie and sensually designed photos to be more appealing than just plain nudity.   There’s a story, a sense of personality, a sensualness that’s missing in most Playboy style nude shots.

Enough reminiscing about the good old days.  Back to today’s world of the Internet.  It seems the AFA and other such organizations are all up in arms about nipples.  Again.    I swear those people were bottle babies.

Over at Sears, buried in their Exotic Lingerie section (which this blogger had to search for since it’s not linked directly from their category list), is this little bit of nipple peek-a-boo:

Can you spot the offending nub?

Just in case you had trouble finding it.

I apologize in advance if I have scarred you with such blatant displays of prurient nipplage.  Please feel free to contact the mental health professional of your choice for help getting over it.

What, dear readers, was so offensive about that photo?   It showed a healthy young woman, wearing a not very risque sheer blue “baby doll” slip and matching panties.  Considering this is the ‘exotic’ lingerie section, one can only assume they’re thong style.  Because, let’s face it, nothing says exotic like butt floss.

This advert is being called “smut” and “pornographic” and “obscene”.   Obviously the people calling it such descriptive things have not been on the internet to long.   Far be it for me to point them here here or even here (shudder).

I can never understand how people can see the part of the body that provides the very nourishment of life for a new born baby and call it obscene.  In what world is this sane?   The body, whether evolved or created, your pick, is the most amazing and beautiful thing in the world.  No part of it is obscene, not one.

People’s words, their actions; those are obscene.  Their attempts to belittle, denigrate and destroy the beauty of the world around them and the beauty in those around them is the very definition of obscene.   What are we teaching our children when things like this go unanswered?  That they are dirty, that they are shameful and obscene, just because they exist.

Me?  Not in my house and not in my world around me.  Obsenity is that which destroys beauty.

Now, to counter such obscenity, I give you a few photos from the past.  Photos of, yes, nipples.   You’ve been warned.

Reclining in a bed or silk roses.

Reclining in a bed or silk roses.

High contrast nude

High contrast nude






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