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A most fabulous photowalk with Trey Ratcliff

Edit:  Eight more photos added. (8/14)
Edit 2: Two new and One re-edit posted. (8/17)

A few weeks ago, I got an odd e-mail about my Google+ community; Atlanta Photography being used for Trey Ratcliff’s Atlanta Photowalk.  Sadly, if you’re reading this and weren’t there, you missed it.  You can read the details here.  People have been posting their photos to my g+ group with the tag #TreyUSA and #AtlantaPhotowalk.

Enough words though.  You all come here for the same reason you surf the web and (if you’re old enough to remember them) buy *those* magazines.  You know the ones I’m talking about.

So here are the first fruits of the Photowalk last night.  There will be many more images added to this gallery over time.  I took almost a thousand shots in 3-shot bracketed groups.  HDRI is the focus of Trey’s work so of course I had to shoot for HDRi.  I shot these at +2, 0, -2 stops which gives me somethign on the order of 16 stops of dynamic range (have to confirm that number when I can find the time.. it’s off the top of my head and may be even wider than that).

Enjoy the photos.

A colorful city.

Two photos of Atlanta (one downtown, one in Kennesaw, just a few miles northwest of downtown) showing the fabulous variety of color you can capture with very little effort; just timing and luck.

high rise buildings with storm clouds at sunset.

High Rises at Sunset

Blue lights in fog.

Blue lights in fog.

A Night at The Shelter: part 2.

I’m back in town and continuing the post from the October 1st DVD release party at The Shelter.  You can find the first post here.  Here are a few more photos from that night.  I took some HDRI shots of the power station behind The Shelter and the composites look great.

Jayla reclining.

Jayla reclining on the couch for a bit.

Jayla in black and white.

Jayla in black and white.

Xanny gets the girl!

The DJ Xanny always gets the girl. This time it’s Little Mina, the star of the DVD release.

Aria Fae and her beautiful ink.

Aria Fae and her beautiful ink.

Jumping for joy!

Little Mina getting happy.

Your photographer.

I’m in front of the camera this time.

HDRI of the power station.

A 3-shot composite HDRI of the power station behind The Shelter.

Detail of the power station.

Detail crop of the power station.