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A Self Portrait of a Photographer in Leather

Took this after finishing a shoot where the model specifically wanted the high-key, single light look ala Terry Richardson. The setup is simple enough;

  • White paper seamless for backdrop
  • single naked strobe parallel to and just to the right of the lens.
  • model within a few inches of the backdrop

That’s it.   Stupid simple setup.  Getting exposure right at +2 compensation took a few shots, but once it’s right, lock down the camera, set the strobe and start taking photos.

This was from a quick set of me just playing around with the remote after the session.   More self portraits coming while I work out logistics with a couple of fantastic Atlanta area photographers to put me in the hot seat in front of the lens.  I can’t wait.

Self portrait of a photographer in leather.

Self portrait of a photographer in leather.