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Further Explorations in Shape and Shadow

This  is a new set in my continuing explorations in shape, form, shadow and how it can be used to express the beauty and eroticism of the female form.  

Explorations of Shape and Form

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A Self Portrait of a Photographer in Leather

Took this after finishing a shoot where the model specifically wanted the high-key, single light look ala Terry Richardson. The setup is simple enough;

  • White paper seamless for backdrop
  • single naked strobe parallel to and just to the right of the lens.
  • model within a few inches of the backdrop

That’s it.   Stupid simple setup.  Getting exposure right at +2 compensation took a few shots, but once it’s right, lock down the camera, set the strobe and start taking photos.

This was from a quick set of me just playing around with the remote after the session.   More self portraits coming while I work out logistics with a couple of fantastic Atlanta area photographers to put me in the hot seat in front of the lens.  I can’t wait.

Self portrait of a photographer in leather.

Self portrait of a photographer in leather.

Random photos from the deeeeeeeep archives part (whatever)

Felt a bit hermit-like tonight so I put on the headphones and went through (mumble) years of photos tonight. Pulled a few out to play around with as the mood struck me. Some of these you’ve seen earlier edits of, some are newly unearthed. Enjoy.

Full gallery of edits here: Gallery (nude / nsfw)

NSFW photos after the fold. You’ve been warned.

Lisa - 2007

Lisa – 2007

Lotus in Marble - 2006

Lotus in Marble – 2006

Inara the Cat - 2008

Inara the Cat – 2008


Wendi - 2008

Wendi – 2008

Pris and friends

A few shots from the first quarterly Dreamland Visions Photo Debauchery party.  Enjoy.  Full gallery is here.

A few others behind the cut.  NSFW.