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Bound and Displayed

I’m still going back through all my shoots over the last half dozen years.  I’m back to mid 2008 at this point and will be posting more as time goes by.

There are some new shoots coming up in the next couple of weeks  and possibly some never before seen sets given permission for publication.

For now, I leave you with this very not safe for work image of the lovely Aimee.  This was taken during the Alchemy Burn in 2008 at the Duckstock camp.

Photo after the break.

Sets from 2008

I have begun adding sets from 2008 to the gallery.   2008 was a very busy year and there are upwards of 30 sets to add.  I’m also taking this opportunity to go back through all the sets and pick out the best and the almost-best that need just a bit of tweaking.   It’ll take me a while, but I’m going to add a set or three a week until it’s done.

As usual, some of the sets are NSFW so browse carefully.

The other Lisa dressed in various outfits

Lisa in different outfits (safe)

Two more after the link.