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Devious Beauty in Red Silk

Good scotch, a fine cigar, soft silks, a beautiful woman.  What more could a photographer possibly want?

It’s not often I get another photographer in front of my camera, but I was blessed with that opportunity this weekend.   Below the fold are the first few edits from a marathon 5+ hour session with this lovely lady.

Yep, they’re not safe for work. Nudity, tobacco and alcohol abound beyond the fold.   I’m not sure which is more offensive to the prudes, to be honest.

A Night at The Shelter

Tuesday night was a DVD release party at The Shelter in Atlanta.   We intended to do a red-carpet photo op with paparazzi and everything.  The lighting was a bit too intense for the club so we moved out into a side-room and opened the windows on down town Atlanta.

Instead of a red carpet, we have a black couch.  Worked so much better. A hell of a lot of fun was had by everyone and I have the photos to prove it.


Little Mina, the star of the evening.

Little Mina, the star of the evening.

Aint she cute??

Aint she cute??

Little Mina and Jessica

Little Mina and Jessica

Too much beauty for one shot.

Too much beauty for one shot.

In search of… a book printer.

I am in need of a good, inexpensive custom photo book printer. I am working on a 75-125 page book for a photo essay. I want to do a very limited hardback print run, a more general softback print run, and of course, there will be an unlimited digital book run.

The digital book I have handled, but I’m looking for a printer for the hardback and softback versions.

I’ve looked at and their prices are great, and I can print in runs as small as 25 books. However, I have no idea what their quality is like.

I’ve looked at and a few others, and though I have an idea what their quality is like, their costs are 2 to 3 times what instantpublisher is charging.

So I ask you, the denizens of blog-space, what do you recommend? I know quite a few of you photographers have published books. Who did you use, and what was the experience like?


Group shoot at Southern Mills

A quickie for you until I get time to edit the rest of the shots from today’s group shoot at Southern Mills.   Enjoy.

Edited to add link to more shots: Gallery

Aria Fae and her beautifully vibrant ink.

Aria Fae and her beautifully vibrant ink.

Two Girls, One Hookah

A few more from last week’s shoot of Hardluck Joesephine and Mistress Fire.

The gallery for the shoot is here and Joe’s site is here.

Cut for your HR manager’s pleasure.  (NSFW, but then you knew that already)

Hardluck Joesephine and Mistress Fire

This is what happens when you turn two beautiful and creative women loose in a photo studio. Enjoy.

Hardluck Joesephine

Hardluck Joesephine

Mistress Fire

Mistress Fire.


More photos behind the fold.  NSFW because boobies make HR directors explode.

Hardluck Jo and a friend.

Just a teaser from one of this week’s sets:

Jo and friend enjoying a hookah.

Jess enjoying the wind and sun on top of Effigy hill at Alchemy this year.

I had a chance to shoot Jess up on top of Effigy hill at Alchemy this year.  The  cool breezes, warm sun and beautiful skies were just too perfect to not use as a backdrop for one of my most beautiful regular models.

Image and link to the gallery are after the cut to save on heart medication for HR departments and other prudes who explode at the sight of a boob.   Enjoy.

Alchemy 2011

Another year, another Alchemy.   Once again I spent a wonderfully peaceful time at or near my camp.  What meanderings I did enjoy took me up to the effigy or down to Camp Science and Camp Sheherazade.

We’re still unpacking and recovering so all of my photos aren’t prepped yet.  Here are a few that stood out during my initial load and first pass.  Enjoy.

Full gallery from Alchemy 2011 is here.

Firebreather giving breath to a dragon shaped flame.

Giving breath to a dragon!


A pretty lady named Angel in a top hat.

Angel in a top hat and boots.


A pirate on stilts.

A pirate on stilts; your argument is invalid.


It's windy up on top of the Effigy.

It's windy up here!

Makeup test from April.

Going back through the year’s sets looking for shots for a gallery show, I came across this set that I hadn’t gotten around to finishing and uploading.

Jess and I were experimenting with a new makeup look and something a little different with respect to wardrobe.  Here are the best from that set.


Makeup Test

Makeup Test

Of course the cat has to get into the picture.

Of course the cat has to get into the picture.