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A few quick edits of photos from LibertyCon 28

LibertyCon is held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel in Chattanooga, TN in late June every year.   This year was the 28th anniversary of the convention and the first time they sold out.   They have a hard cap of 700 tickets and they capped a few weeks before the convention.

I haven’t had time to do more than log the photos into Lightroom and pick a few that really jumped out at me to do a basic edit and export.  Many, many more will follow over the next couple of weeks, including the wedding that happened Thursday night.

Enjoy.  And for a change, they’re all work safe.

A not so quiet evening with friends. Zombies and hunters at Taverna Plaka tonight.

Zombies and those who hunt them came out to Taverna Plaka for a bit of food and fun.  I have the photos to prove it.







Dragon*Con 2011 Photos

What’s a photo blog report from Dragon*Con 2011 without a few photos.   I’m still working on the report, so while you wait, enjoy these:

You can jump straight to the full gallery here.


The Seven Deadly Sins never looked so good.

The Seven Deadly Sins never looked so good.

No idea who they're supposed to be, but I know they're cute as a button.

No idea who they're supposed to be, but I know they're cute as a button.

Even the Baron made the trek from New Orleans for DragonCon this year.

Even the Baron made the trek from New Orleans for DragonCon this year.


Beautiful in green.

Beautiful in green.


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I have a Google+ account now.  Not too happy with the TOS with respect to my photography.  Handing Google rights to do anything with everything I post there for all time is not something I’m really all that comfortable with.   I am not even close to what you’d call an Intellectual Property zealot, but damnit, I do want some control over what happens to my works.  If you want to do something with it, ask.  Chances are, I’ll say yes.

I’ll post more about my fun with it in the future.  So far I do like the interface and it is not nearly as cluttered as Facebook.  Competition’s great.  Better products are even better.

Since this is a photography blog, here’s some eye candy for you!

Relaxing after a hard day of tempting the humans.

Relaxing after a hard day of tempting the humans.

Celebrating the 4th of July by exercising my 1st Amendment Rights.

So what’d you do on your 4th of July?  I spent it shooting a room full of beautiful, and mostly naked, people.  What’d you do?

Jess reclining on luxurious couch while Nathan kneels before her.


More behind the link, NSFW – Full gallery here.

Jessica and Swan Song

What started as an evening of test shots and a few planned shots for a compositing project I’m working on ended up being almost 3 hours of fun playful shooting.

Jessica’s good friend Swan Song dropped by with her costumes and ideas.

You can see the quick edits and selections here.  Below are a few from the set.


Jessica posed in green and blue makeup with ornate choker.


Swan Song threatening to bite Jessica's nose.


Photos behind the cut are NSFW. Enjoy.

A bit of the ol’ ultra-sexy from my camera today.

I spent today among some great friends and incredibly beautiful and talented people at Colab today.   AFPME organized a group shoot at Colab today.  It was a fun, creative and somewhat adventurous 6 hours.

Here’s a sample of some of the photos I took.

Spider Queen in her Lair

The Spider Queen relaxing in her Lair.

Model: Gracie Selona

Captive Angel

Captive Angel

Model: The Lady J

LittleBird, all for herself.

The last two shoots I’ve done with this lovely lady have been for gifts for someone special to her.  This shoot is different.  It’s a shoot just for *her*.  I think she shows just how playful, elegant and sexy she really is here.  What do you think?

Photos after the break.   Link to the full set here: LittleBird: Just for Her

Atlanta Bound IV group shoot

The first couple of edits from Sunday’s group shoot at Atlanta Bound IV.   Enjoy.  More to come in the next few days.

(behind the cut for NSFW)

Shootout at 1763

I just got back from the meet-n-greet that kicked off Atlanta Bound IV at 1763 tonight.    I got to meet the awesomely talented Scott Church and several of the lovely models that’ll be an honor to shoot on Sunday.

I’m a bit giddy at the prospect of watching Scott shoot and hearing what he has to say about how he achieves the fantastic images I’ve seen from his work for years.

And yes, I’ll be posting shots as soon as I get them processed and prepped after the shoot.