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Devious Beauty in Red Silk

Good scotch, a fine cigar, soft silks, a beautiful woman.  What more could a photographer possibly want?

It’s not often I get another photographer in front of my camera, but I was blessed with that opportunity this weekend.   Below the fold are the first few edits from a marathon 5+ hour session with this lovely lady.

Yep, they’re not safe for work. Nudity, tobacco and alcohol abound beyond the fold.   I’m not sure which is more offensive to the prudes, to be honest.

A Sleazy Drag King shoot

I had the pleasure to shoot the lovely Bettie N Love in a gender queer drag king shoot for submission to a new magazine.  These are a few of the outtakes from that shoot.

You can find more of Bettie N Love at her Gods Girls page:  or on her Facebook page:

Enjoy.  One NSFW image included.

The archives just keep getting deeper.

My previous post started up a conversation with one of my favorite models who, surprisingly, has only posed for me twice.  Here are a few re-visits and edits from our first shoot together, circa 2006.   Enjoy.


Beauty by the bricks.

Beauty by the bricks.

Dance; words in motion.

Dance; words in motion.

Annointed with stars.

Annointed with stars.

Fire, the source of all life. Model: Lisa Body paint: Laurel

Fire, the source of all life.
Model: Lisa
Body paint: Laurel

Day 11 – Steve the Skull visits The Old Man for a cigar and some rum.

I know, I skipped day 10 and day 11 is a bit after midnight.   I’m planning two sets tomorrow to make up for it.

Day 11 - Steve the Skull visits The Old Man for a cigar and some rum.

Day 11 – Steve the Skull visits The Old Man for a cigar and some rum.


I shot this on tripod with the following settings:

10.0 sec @ f/16, 35mm, ISO 100, tripod mount, rear curtain to minize the effects of slight vibrations of hitting the trigger.  (I’ve lost my wireless trigger).

The left strobe behind a snoot was at 1/2 power with an orange filter to keep from casting to blue a light into the scene.

The right strobe was at 1/16 and an umbrella to give a smooth, even, very very subtle fill light to the scene.

I’ve included a shot without the strobes so you can see how they really light up the scene without overpowering it.

I also have a shot showing the setup for those interested.

Day 11 - no strobes.

Day 11 – no strobes.

Day 11 - setup.

Day 11 – setup.


Bye Bye Adsense

Well, looks like I’m just another victim of Nipplegate 2012. Got an e-mail from Google this afternoon that they have suspended my adsense account due to lewd and provocative content. The example page they linked to in order to show the kind of content they object to was this very old page (nsfw) buried deep in my site.

I’m not sure if it’s the cigar, the nipples, or the peek of labia, but other than the model being nude, there’s nothing lewd about this shot.

Here’s the list of unacceptable content from Google’s advertising arm:

As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or mature content. In addition to photos and videos which contain nudity or sexual activities, below are some other examples of unacceptable content:

  • Lewd or provocative images
  • Crude or indecent language, including adult stories
  • Sexual tips or advice * Sexual fetish sites (e.g. foot fetish content)
  • Adult toys or products * Ads or links to external sites containing adult content
  • Adult links and/or adult keywords within the meta data in the source code of your site

So, I ask you, what have you seen here on my site that meets those criteria? Even *linking* to, or *talking about* some topics gets you kicked off the largest online advertising system in the world.

So while I’m off to find a new advert company for my various photo and text blogs, I leave you with this oh so lewd, provocative and indecent image. Or at least that’s what Google thinks of it.

Sometimes it’s just a cigar.

From the archives: “A hat, a cigar, the chair and those legs!”

Sometimes it's just a cigar.

Sometimes it's just a cigar.

Those legs!

Those legs!