The intimate beauty of woman.

The human body is one of the most beautiful works of art nature has ever produced.  In all of it’s shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders and conditions, it is beautiful.   One of the more obscene things this culture has perpetrated is the idea that the human body, any part of the human body, is dirty or ugly or shameful.   Nothing could ever be further from Truth.

I strive to put lie to that idea in all of my work.  My models are, by and large, not professional models.  None of them are what you would call traditional fashion model body types.   I photograph young lithe women in the very early flowering of their adulthood and I photograph middle aged mothers who have lived a long and hard life in their bodies with the scars to show for it.   I photograph large women and well built men.  I photograph professionals and house wives and students.

What all of these people have in common is a desire to see themselves as beautiful, as sexy or desirable, and as others see them.   I have, I think, succeeded in that.

A few months ago I made this post followed by this post about a project inspired by this post over on The Beautiful Kind.   Since then there have been a number of other sex positive blogs coming up with their own projects.  One of the blogs that has inspired me to make this post is Molly’s Daily Kiss with her “Pretty In Pink” post and the “Pussy Pride” project.   I do not have a pussy of my own (looks down, checks, yep.. still got a penis) but I can contribute in my own way.   I may not have labia, but I do have a camera.

The very concept of labiaplasty or other forms of genital modification, solely for the purpose of meeting some kind of airbrushed, censored ideal is anathema to me.  It borders on the obscene.   Go look over those posts for a more in depth discussion about this issue.

What I want to do with this post is to show the great diversity of and the sheer beauty of the female genitalia.  Life itself enters the world through these lips and we dare call them obscene or shameful?   Not in my house and not in my studio, and maybe one day, not in my world.

Follow through the cut for the first few photos I have taken for this project.  I shouldn’t have to, but will say it:  The following is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  Detailed and close photos of female genitalia in all their glory lie beyond the ‘more’ tag.   Venture forth if you will.

I have been discussing this project with many people over the last few months.  The most surprising thing to me has been who has agreed to model for me.   A couple of the women who sat for this project are models and have posed for me and others in projects ranging from casual or costume shots to some rather intense fetish sessions.   The rest have been people whom I had expected to be most reluctant, but were, in fact, the most excited about posing. 

I have here a 42 yr old mother  of 2, a 22yr old fetish model, a dominatrix in her early 30s and a woman in her 50s nearing retirement.   Along side them are a woman starting her own porn website and a swinger I met at a fetish club.  

These women are mothers, they are sisters, they are your neighbors, your coworkers and they are the woman you met on the bus the other day.  They are every woman.

Some have shaven pubic hair, others have let theirs go wild.  Some have piercings, other none.   The thing they all have is a love for their bodies and how it looks.  Adorn it they will, cut parts of it off, never.

What I love seeing is the sheer variety on a woman’s body.   Large thick lips with a hidden clitoris or thin lips and a clit that just pokes out to say “HI!”.  Some have completely hidden lips, others lips that hang down for all the world to see.  They are all lovely, most especially because they are different.

There will be many more photos added to this project over time.  Once Kendra and Beast at the TBK back online after their site redesign, the Pussy Parade project will begin to move forward again.   Until then, I leave you with these images of beauty and intimacy.   May you find yourself and your loved ones as beautiful as I find these brave and outstanding women.


If you have anything at all to comment, please do so.   It is through the exchange of ideas that we can test our assumptions of what is and is not beauty, obscenity, sexuality and sensuality.

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— edit: submitted this post to the Pussy Pride Project —
Pussy Pride



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    K'La June 10, 2011

    These are awesome!!!! Feel free to add mine, although I need to get in touch with Beast again to see if we can reconnect for pics. I’d love to see these in a coffee-table book!

    • Reply
      scott June 10, 2011

      I don’t really have any images of your lovely labia that don’t involved your hand or some other odd or end. If you have any shots that others have taken, send them to me and I’ll add them to the project on my end.

      I’ll need the photographer’s contact info. I already have yours.

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    Molly June 11, 2011

    Wow, this post is fabulous. You have really hit the nail on the head. This words “Life itself enters the world through these lips and we dare call them obscene or shameful? Not in my house and not in my studio, and maybe one day, not in my world.” made me want to cheer, I want to live in that world.

    The pictures you have posted are just fabulous, they are all different, as I said in my post as unique as a finger print, yet it is that which makes them beautiful.

    I didn’t know about the Pussy Parade project, once Kendra is fully back up to speed I look forward to finding out more about it.

    Thank you very much for posting about The Pussy Pride Project. I am hopeful with time that this project will be a true testiment to the beauty of female genitalia and if just one woman stumbles across it and comes away feeling happier about the way they look between their thighs then I shall count the whole project as a resounding success.


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      scott June 11, 2011

      Thank you for your kind words. I have worked very hard for my home to be a safe place for everyone who enters it. I have friends who unselfconsciously walk around in all manner of undress, often in nothing much at all. They say they’re more comfortable in their skin here than they are in a robe or t-shirt & shorts at their house. There is nothing shameful about the human body. Teaching that to my son (6yrs old) and helping my step-daughter (21 yrs old) to feel that deep down where it counts is one of my most joyous tasks.

      The most incredible response I’ve gotten from one model for the project has been, while looking over my shoulder at the photos as I logged them and did color correction and cropping was: “Holy shit! You’ve even made my cunt beautiful!” The sense of wonder in her voice almost brought tears. It’s that feeling that she walked away with that makes projects like Pussy Pride, Pussy Parade, the Wall of Pussy (or whatever that wonderful set of plaster castings that you posted about is called) and others so important and powerful.

      Thanks again and watch this space for more on that and other projects of like kind I’m working on. One hint, I’m working on a project for men next. It promises to be an interesting project.


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    C.A. White February 23, 2013

    Gorgeous. Thank you for your bold expression!

  4. Reply
    Twisted Angel March 7, 2013

    Coming by from Pussy Pride and I have to say Thank you. As a woman who has a combination of each of the ones shown. I have always felt mine was too fat, too this too that.. I am only coming to realize in my 40’s how beautiful it is.

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