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A classical look from the archives.

It’s that time again.  I’m thinking of making this a weekly post.  This time, we’re diving through late 2011 to experiment with more B/W conversions and edits.  Images below the fold are NSFW.  You’ve been warned.  The gallery from the original shoot is here.

We start with an image that I had passed up at the time I shot it.  Back then, I couldn’t quite get the emotion I wanted to come out.  A bit of work with filters and color.

Nothing Left.

Nothing Left.

NSFW images below the fold.

Power station

“Saved” this one from my 2011 archives. I took this shot while visiting Oleg Volk in Nashville, TN. The original was a bit rough and way too noisy. I have a few new techniques now and this is the result. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post the original and a brief description of how I edited it.

Power station outside Nashville, TN

Power station outside Nashville, TN

Experiments in Black and White.

I’ve been going through some of my better photos from the last couple of years and revisiting my techniques for B/W conversion.  I think this one works much better than the old technique.  I was able to bring out the details on her jacket and give her some hair back.

Experiment in new B/W techniques.

Model: Jessica Taken in 2011.

Alchemy 2011 Panorama

Here’s a non-silverlight version of the Panorama shot I took at Alchemy in 2011.  This is from the top of Effigy Hill on Saturday afternoon.

Facebook’s being stupid and won’t let me pick the thumbnail it chooses for the post.  Since it’s pulling an image from a different gallery and that image is absolutely NOT Facebook or work safe, I’m posting here instead.  Enjoy.

Alchemy 2011 Panorama

Alchemy 2011 Panorama

Group shoot at Southern Mills

A quickie for you until I get time to edit the rest of the shots from today’s group shoot at Southern Mills.   Enjoy.

Edited to add link to more shots: Gallery

Aria Fae and her beautifully vibrant ink.

Aria Fae and her beautifully vibrant ink.

Two Girls, One Hookah

A few more from last week’s shoot of Hardluck Joesephine and Mistress Fire.

The gallery for the shoot is here and Joe’s site is here.

Cut for your HR manager’s pleasure.  (NSFW, but then you knew that already)

Hardluck Joesephine and Mistress Fire

This is what happens when you turn two beautiful and creative women loose in a photo studio. Enjoy.

Hardluck Joesephine

Hardluck Joesephine

Mistress Fire

Mistress Fire.


More photos behind the fold.  NSFW because boobies make HR directors explode.

Hardluck Jo and a friend.

Just a teaser from one of this week’s sets:

Jo and friend enjoying a hookah.

Jess enjoying the wind and sun on top of Effigy hill at Alchemy this year.

I had a chance to shoot Jess up on top of Effigy hill at Alchemy this year.  The  cool breezes, warm sun and beautiful skies were just too perfect to not use as a backdrop for one of my most beautiful regular models.

Image and link to the gallery are after the cut to save on heart medication for HR departments and other prudes who explode at the sight of a boob.   Enjoy.

A little panorama of the Alchemy burn this year.

I got adventurous this year and climbed my fat butt to the top of the Effigy on Saturday afternoon.  From there I was able to take a 180 degree series of photos of the entire burn.   A little playing around in Microsoft’s ICE software and this is the result.  Enjoy.

Panoramic shot taken from atop the Effigy on Saturday afternoon at Alchemy 2011.

Panoramic shot taken from atop the Effigy on Saturday afternoon at Alchemy 2011.