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In search of… a book printer.

I am in need of a good, inexpensive custom photo book printer. I am working on a 75-125 page book for a photo essay. I want to do a very limited hardback print run, a more general softback print run, and of course, there will be an unlimited digital book run.

The digital book I have handled, but I’m looking for a printer for the hardback and softback versions.

I’ve looked at and their prices are great, and I can print in runs as small as 25 books. However, I have no idea what their quality is like.

I’ve looked at and a few others, and though I have an idea what their quality is like, their costs are 2 to 3 times what instantpublisher is charging.

So I ask you, the denizens of blog-space, what do you recommend? I know quite a few of you photographers have published books. Who did you use, and what was the experience like?


The intimate beauty of woman.

The human body is one of the most beautiful works of art nature has ever produced.  In all of it’s shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders and conditions, it is beautiful.   One of the more obscene things this culture has perpetrated is the idea that the human body, any part of the human body, is dirty or ugly or shameful.   Nothing could ever be further from Truth.

I strive to put lie to that idea in all of my work.  My models are, by and large, not professional models.  None of them are what you would call traditional fashion model body types.   I photograph young lithe women in the very early flowering of their adulthood and I photograph middle aged mothers who have lived a long and hard life in their bodies with the scars to show for it.   I photograph large women and well built men.  I photograph professionals and house wives and students.

What all of these people have in common is a desire to see themselves as beautiful, as sexy or desirable, and as others see them.   I have, I think, succeeded in that.

A few months ago I made this post followed by this post about a project inspired by this post over on The Beautiful Kind.   Since then there have been a number of other sex positive blogs coming up with their own projects.  One of the blogs that has inspired me to make this post is Molly’s Daily Kiss with her “Pretty In Pink” post and the “Pussy Pride” project.   I do not have a pussy of my own (looks down, checks, yep.. still got a penis) but I can contribute in my own way.   I may not have labia, but I do have a camera.

The very concept of labiaplasty or other forms of genital modification, solely for the purpose of meeting some kind of airbrushed, censored ideal is anathema to me.  It borders on the obscene.   Go look over those posts for a more in depth discussion about this issue.

What I want to do with this post is to show the great diversity of and the sheer beauty of the female genitalia.  Life itself enters the world through these lips and we dare call them obscene or shameful?   Not in my house and not in my studio, and maybe one day, not in my world.

Follow through the cut for the first few photos I have taken for this project.  I shouldn’t have to, but will say it:  The following is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  Detailed and close photos of female genitalia in all their glory lie beyond the ‘more’ tag.   Venture forth if you will.

A followup to “A project of a rather intimate nature”

Several people have asked me for a sample of the kind of pose or photo needed for “Pussy Parade” project being put together by Beast of The Beautiful Kind blog. I detailed the project in my last post (here). Below the cut are a couple of sample shots from the project that I took tonight.

These are detailed photos of a model’s labia. Don’t look at these at work.

A project of a rather intimate nature.

Back in February I participated in a discussion in the comments section of this blog post: Labiaplasty: When Douchebags Attack

Out of that discussion was born a project being led by Kendra’s partner, Beast called “The Pussy Parade”.  In essence it’s a photo essay and collage on all the varied shapes, sizes and forms of natural, healthy female genitalia.   From the blog:

Title: Pussy Parade, The Beautiful (and only) Kind

Medium: Photograph Collage (Color)

Purpose: To celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of the female external genitalia. Any and all styles are needed. Any color. Any religion. Virgin or Slut. Any style. Decorated or not. They are all beautiful.

Subjects: Any woman 18 and up who is interested in participating, WILLINGLY. Many pictures will be taken in person by myself or local photographers. If you are interested in participating, please send me an email (beast at the beautiful kind dot com). Please understand, that I will need confirmation from the subject that this picture is being submitted with her knowledge. I will then send you particulars on resolution and staging of the photograph.

NOTE: The identity of the subjects will not be revealed by me, nor anyone associated with the production of this project or this website under any circumstances.


I have agreed to participate in this project and am looking for women willing to model for this cause.  If anyone is interested in participating, please let me know and we can set up a time here in the studio for the shoot.   It shouldn’t take more than half an hour to an hour in all.

The anonymity of this project is not something I normally would strive for.  My art trends towards the individual, the person, the inner personality of the models, not just their physical body.

This is different.  The purpose of this collage is to show the beauty of Everywoman.   That no matter who you are, what you see in the mirror, you are beautiful.  You are just. like. every. other. woman. in. the. world.

My comment on the TBK blog post sums up my view on this pretty well:

I see the issue in two ways. First, if a woman wants to modify their body in some way, it’s her body and she owns it. No one has the right, privilege or responsibility to tell her otherwise.

That being said, I do agree that the image of “beauty” being portrayed in the media; print, video, film and online, is extremely unhealthy.

Our children are immersed in a whiled with a neurotic, insane idea that if someone sees a flash of labia their lives will be ruined and they’ll need years and years of therapy. Even a flash of jewelry decorated nipple sent the nation into spasms of outrage.

No where outside of niche media, hardcore pornography and medical textbooks does anyone encounter complete, healthy, beautiful genitalia.

So if you’re interested, drop me a note on here, or at my contact page.