Jessica and Swan Song

What started as an evening of test shots and a few planned shots for a compositing project I’m working on ended up being almost 3 hours of fun playful shooting.

Jessica’s good friend Swan Song dropped by with her costumes and ideas.

You can see the quick edits and selections here.  Below are a few from the set.


Jessica posed in green and blue makeup with ornate choker.


Swan Song threatening to bite Jessica's nose.


Photos behind the cut are NSFW. Enjoy.

Swan Song posing topless in blue skirt and purple strapped shoes.

Sexy in Blue

Jessica posed topless in ornate choker, holding sword in guard position.

Go ahead, make my day.

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    Sean June 10, 2011

    before looking at the stuff behind the cut, just looking at the 4 you’ve got..from bottom to top.:
    *bow and up* “No thanks my dark queen. I may be your humble servant but I like my various appendages where they are.” in blue and PURPLE! ‘gotta love the shoes’

    Hey! Where’s my ear nibble?

    *bow and up* “What’s up your evilness?”

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