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Caught in the Web.

Jessica posed for an impromptu shoot with a fantastic iridescent spider web covered fabric back in 2009.   Only a couple of these shots ever saw the light of day until now.   She had no makeup, no hair styling, just her and the drape in front of a white wall.

Over the ensuing six years, my editing skills have improved significantly so I thought I’d see what I can do with them now.   This gallery is the result.   Enjoy.

NSW gallery behind the cut.

Red Headed Beauty

Just when I think I’ve almost exhausted my archives by now, I come across a shoot like this one of Aimee.  These were taken during a group photo shoot I organized at my loft studio back in 2009.  Enjoy.

Click ‘more’ for the gallery.  There’s a redhead in green lingerie and it’s just too much for our boss to handle.

Retro Redhead Pinup

A few shots of the lovely Aimee taken at my studio during an all day group photo shoot in 2009. Aimee’s one of my favorite models over the years.  She’s moved on from modeling now, but is still a close and dear friend.

She’s so cute!

Jess has always had a bit of a dark personality.  Her preferred mode is intense and dark.  Every now and then, though, the cuteness in her soul bubbles up and I’ve been lucky enough to catch that in camera a few times.

"Oh really???"

“Oh really???”

A Beacon in the Dark

More pulls from the deep archives.  This one taken in 2009 of one of my favorite skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta.

A Beacon in the Dark.

A Beacon in the Dark.

On body size and beauty.

Over on the Regretsy forum, a discussion of body image came up.  This discussion spawns 12+ pages of comments, posts and discussions that is pretty well summed up by it’s subject:  “Hot Fat Chicks!”.

Normally I’d stay away from something with a crass headline like that, but this particular forum is always full of intelligent, snarky, crass, and just plain fucked up awesomeness.

Instead of posting a photo or two in the forum, I thought the topic deserves a larger photo treatment.  I dug way back into my archives and selected a few images from every year from 2007 to present to represent the beauty, sensuality and just plain sexiness of the large, curvacious and beautiful women whom have graced my studio over the years.

Some of the pictures below the fold are NSFW but all of the mare tasteful and elegant.  So without cluttering up your screen with more words, I give you beauty writ large.   Enjoy.

From a few short sets.

I, Jess and others will often end up in the studio just playing around with lights, costumes or makeup.  These sets rarely result in a long or consistent collection of usable images but almost always end up with one or two really striking shots.    I have started adding those shots to a ‘short set’ collection for each year.  Enjoy.

Jess in a mischievous mood.

Jess in a mischievous mood.

Jennifer, Jade and K’La from 2009

Three more sets from 2009 are up.  It’s going to take a while, but I’m steadily working my way back to 2003 when I picked the camera back up and started shooting again.

Photos after the cut.  Not work safe this time.

Jennifer & Jade