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A classical look from the archives.

It’s that time again.  I’m thinking of making this a weekly post.  This time, we’re diving through late 2011 to experiment with more B/W conversions and edits.  Images below the fold are NSFW.  You’ve been warned.  The gallery from the original shoot is here.

We start with an image that I had passed up at the time I shot it.  Back then, I couldn’t quite get the emotion I wanted to come out.  A bit of work with filters and color.

Nothing Left.

Nothing Left.

NSFW images below the fold.

Random photos from the deeeeeeeep archives part (whatever)

Felt a bit hermit-like tonight so I put on the headphones and went through (mumble) years of photos tonight. Pulled a few out to play around with as the mood struck me. Some of these you’ve seen earlier edits of, some are newly unearthed. Enjoy.

Full gallery of edits here: Gallery (nude / nsfw)

NSFW photos after the fold. You’ve been warned.

Lisa - 2007

Lisa – 2007

Lotus in Marble - 2006

Lotus in Marble – 2006

Inara the Cat - 2008

Inara the Cat – 2008


Wendi - 2008

Wendi – 2008

First shoot of the lovely Lotus this year.

I had my first shoot with Lotus this year.  In going through the shots,  we reminisced about the first set we did back in 2004.  Yep.  It’s been seven years.   She was the first nude model I shot when I picked photography back up from a long hiatus.

And now, for the real reason you are all here, the photos.  Enjoy.

Lotus with a pearl earring.

In honor of the painting "The girl with the pearl earring", I give you Lotus with a pearl earring.

Lotus in a greek style outfit.

Lotus in a greek style outfit.


A 2010 Restrospective in Photos

A quick look back at 2010, in photos. (included photos are safe, gallery linked is nsfw)

Valentines shoot for Jess.

Valentines shoot for Jess.

Josephine at Monsterbash 2010

The rest of the year after the jump

Another set from the archives… Lotus on White, Mostly.

I’m still working my way backwards through my archives, revisiting old sets with new eyes.

Lotus on White, Mostly.

Lotus on White, Mostly.