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Three days in Nashville with Oleg Volk

Wendi, Jess and I had the pleasure to spend three days in Nashville shooting with Oleg Volk. As normal, with Oleg, the resulting images are already making the rounds of the 2nd Amendment and firearms blogs.

You can find Oleg’s blog at OlegVolk.Net/Blog. I have included a few of my favorite shots of us but by no means are my editorial skills up to his. One of my favorite posters he’s come up with so far is this one:

No such thing as a social contract with evil.

No such thing as a social contract with evil.

I did get to spend some time behind the camera and have a few very wonderful shots of Jessica, a few of Wendi and Oleg discussing setups for the shots in the woods, and even one of the mad Russian himself.

Oleg Volk being Oleg Volk

Oleg Volk being Oleg Volk

And since none of you come here for my oh so witty prose, here are some photos. Enjoy.    (warning! there be nudity beyond here..)

Group Shoot from 2009

I’m working my way backwards from 2010 so you’ll see some new stuff as I shoot it and old stuff as I get it uploaded to the new gallery system.

This set is from a group shoot here in the studio. There was somewhere around 5-6 photographers and as many as 8 models in action at one time. As things tend to go around here, even with all the models, photogs, assistants, and friends hanging out, there was still more firearms than people.

Here’s proof of why you really want to be nice to the models who hang out here.