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AFVE meetup – A man and his big.. hard.. mug.

Playing around at the AFVE meetup on 3/28/2013.  The photos say it all.  A few more photos from the night here.  Not quite safe for work. Enjoy.

When a man pulls out his big hard mug, the girls come a running.

When a man pulls out his big hard mug, the girls come a running.


Open shoot at Plaka

We had an open shoot at our weekly photo meetup at Plaka tonight.  The lovely Aly Martini played around in front of the camera for a few of us early on.  Here’s a taste of what you missed.   (gallery nsfw)

Aly Martini playing around for the camera.

Aly Martini playing around for the camera.







AFVE first meetup

Tonight’s AFVE Meetup was an huge success. Last count was somewhere around 25 people. The location (Cocktail Cove in Roswell) was even better than I hoped. Much awesomeness will ensue in the future.

But, what’s a review without pictures. This is what you missed if you weren’t there tonight:


July 4th Weekend @ Lady J’s

This last July 4th weekend was a very fun and productive weekend.  See a bunch of us got together and decided to celebrate 4th of July by exercising our 1st Amendment rights.   We also were testing and experimenting with formats for future group shoots (both photo and video) for the Atlanta Fetish Video Exchange shoots coming up.

Models for the weekend were Lady J, Lady Cobalt, Lady Cobalt’s stage-nameless-man.   Photogs were me, Lee, Gonzo, and JP.  Much fun was had by all and as you’ll see from the shots below, some really incredible art was produced.   Not bad for just messing around with sets and lights and models.   Oh, and the shots with the two Ladies in the shower together were done with 2 photogs and two videogs all squeezeing into the same bathroom.  As you can see, if everyone cooperates, even paparazzi photography can work.

Without further ado, the ladies:

Lady J soaking in a tub in the back yard.

Lady J taking a bath in the back yard. Even in 95+ degree temps, the water was cold!


Lady Cobalt relaxing with a hookah

Lady Cobalt relaxing with a hookah.

And behind the cut is proof of what happens when you hand two lovely women a bottle of chocolate syrup or marshmellow cream then stick them in the shower.  Oh, and then how one of them prefers to get cleaned up.   (NSFW, but you knew that)

Celebrating the 4th of July by exercising my 1st Amendment Rights.

So what’d you do on your 4th of July?  I spent it shooting a room full of beautiful, and mostly naked, people.  What’d you do?

Jess reclining on luxurious couch while Nathan kneels before her.


More behind the link, NSFW – Full gallery here.