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A 2010 Restrospective in Photos

A quick look back at 2010, in photos. (included photos are safe, gallery linked is nsfw)

Valentines shoot for Jess.

Valentines shoot for Jess.

Josephine at Monsterbash 2010

The rest of the year after the jump

Alchemy 2010 – The Georgia Burn

We survived another year at Alchemy: The Georgia Burn in north west Georgia.   There was over 1,700 people there which makes it one of the top 2 or 3 regional burns in the country.

I’m sure you all want to hear about how Wendi and I hung out at our camp, talked to people, spun my fire-staff… what?  Pictures?   You think I took *pictures*???? At a Burn???

Yep. I did.    You know me so well.

Here’s the first batch.   More coming soon as I get time.

Alchemy: The Georgia Burn 2010 Effigy lights

Alchemy: The Georgia Burn 2010 Effigy