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Stark Elegance

Posing in a black leather jacket with a beautiful and ornate necklace, Jessica defines the term “Stark Elegance”.  Photo behind the cut, not work safe.

The Lady in Red

Mistress Sabila from a shoot in 2007. (full set here)

The Lady in Red

The Lady in Red

A Bit of Rope

A Bit of Rope

A bit of the ol’ ultra-sexy from my camera today.

I spent today among some great friends and incredibly beautiful and talented people at Colab today.   AFPME organized a group shoot at Colab today.  It was a fun, creative and somewhat adventurous 6 hours.

Here’s a sample of some of the photos I took.

Spider Queen in her Lair

The Spider Queen relaxing in her Lair.

Model: Gracie Selona

Captive Angel

Captive Angel

Model: The Lady J

Sabila & BJ and a bit of rope.

I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Mistress Sabila and her boy, BJ last night.  We started with a bit of shibari on him and moved on to her doing aweful/wonderful things to him.  Then, in an incredible bit of bravery for her, a full nude shoot of Mistress Sabila herself.

The full set can be seen here. Enjoy.


BJ, did you forget something?


Mistress Sabila

Mistress Sabila

A couple more NSFW shots behind the cut.

LittleBird, all for herself.

The last two shoots I’ve done with this lovely lady have been for gifts for someone special to her.  This shoot is different.  It’s a shoot just for *her*.  I think she shows just how playful, elegant and sexy she really is here.  What do you think?

Photos after the break.   Link to the full set here: LittleBird: Just for Her

A few more from Atlanta Bound IV

A couple more shots from the Atlanta Bound IV shoot.   Enjoy. (nsfw)

Atlanta Bound IV group shoot

The first couple of edits from Sunday’s group shoot at Atlanta Bound IV.   Enjoy.  More to come in the next few days.

(behind the cut for NSFW)

Shootout at 1763

I just got back from the meet-n-greet that kicked off Atlanta Bound IV at 1763 tonight.    I got to meet the awesomely talented Scott Church and several of the lovely models that’ll be an honor to shoot on Sunday.

I’m a bit giddy at the prospect of watching Scott shoot and hearing what he has to say about how he achieves the fantastic images I’ve seen from his work for years.

And yes, I’ll be posting shots as soon as I get them processed and prepped after the shoot.



First shoot of the lovely Lotus this year.

I had my first shoot with Lotus this year.  In going through the shots,  we reminisced about the first set we did back in 2004.  Yep.  It’s been seven years.   She was the first nude model I shot when I picked photography back up from a long hiatus.

And now, for the real reason you are all here, the photos.  Enjoy.

Lotus with a pearl earring.

In honor of the painting "The girl with the pearl earring", I give you Lotus with a pearl earring.

Lotus in a greek style outfit.

Lotus in a greek style outfit.


A bit of Love (Roxy Love) from 2007.

Working my way further and further back through the archives.  This batch of beauty and sexiness comes from April 2007.  The model is Roxy Love (yeah, it’s a stage name).  I have the great pleasure of shooting her a number of times over a couple of years.  The last I heard she’s still modeling in and around Birmingham, AL.

Enough with the text.  Here’s what you’re all here for:


I'm a little tied up right now!

I'm a little tied up right now!

The rest are decidedly NOT safe for work.